Doing it wrong for fifteen years and some
Who We Are

Since 2002, Colosse has published lovingly crafted, ephemeral small print run of more or less experimental comics, essays or sketchbooks from (mostly) Québécois authors. Not available in bookstores, the Colosse collection is a haven for projects too risky, personal or radical for the bloody arena of the actual book “market”.

Note to Booksellers

Colosse is not distributed to bookstores. Small print runs means we cannot offer the discounts you are used to. You can only purchase our books on this site and at the festivals we partake in. Thank you!

Note to Aspiring Authors

Colosse is a collective, not a regular publisher. We do not accept manuscript of any kind. So our advice is to stop waiting and self-publish! That’s what we do. :)

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