Doing it wrong for ten years and some


Colosse / Export no 2
Out of print
174 pages • Black & white • Perfect bound • 130 × 177 × 12 mm
  • En

After being forced back into celibacy for reasons beyond their control, two unlikely heroes embark on a quest to understand, through an obsessive study of pop culture and rock music’s impact on their generation’s collective psyche, why they are the victims of what they call “amplified negative romantic conditioning.” Serious introspection leads them to believe Weezer's 1996 album Pinkerton is the root of all sentimental evil in their lives.

Here’s an indie-rock rom-com that’s thankfully barely emo. Let’s keep it short and sweet: more Pavement than Death Cab, definitely more Clerks than Singles. Bursting with hand-numbered limited edition vinyl pressings, highly scientific pie charts, Woody Allen quotes, Douglas Sirk retrospectives, a Sheezer guest appearence and loads and loads of poutine, Pinkerton is finally available in English following (moderate) success and (relative) critical acclaim in its initial French-language run.

The perfect gift for your breakup partner.

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